Terms Of Service

By becoming a member of SendMyTexts.com, the user (you) fully understands and agrees to the following Terms and Conditions.

SendMyTexts is a highly reliable service provider with very little downtime. However, due to the nature of computers, the Internet, and phone lines, it is possible that we may experience some sort of outage and not be able to provide our services on any given day.

If for any reason we do experience an outage of our services, call credits for premium service users will be refunded to your account. There will be no compensation to free service users whatsoever.

We reserve the right to change, limit, or eliminate our free call service at anytime without advance notice. If such a change is made to SendMyTexts.com, we will do our best to notify our users via e-mail.

Please be careful when filling out your request for a call and ensure that all information is accurate and up-to-date. We do not provide refunds for calls that were setup with improper dates, times, or using the improper time zone. Please double check your calls and understand that if you're sending out a call at a specified time zone, the call will be sent out at that time to ALL your callers and is not adjusted for each phone number's local time zone.

Any purchases made through SendMyTexts using a credit card will notice the charge on their statement appears as our parent company On Time Telecom, LLC.

Monthly service plans will automatically be billed every 30 days to your credit card until canceled. You may cancel your monthly plan at any time directly through SendMyTexts.com or by contacting a support representative at 1-800-928-2086. There are no pro-rated refunds if canceling mid-month.

Your contacts will be limited to the maximum number of phone numbers for the plan you select. This allows for reasonable turn-over (adding and removing of phone numbers). However if you're found to be adding and removing new contacts in order to abuse the system we will contact you and discontinue your unlimited monthly plan.

While we do state that our plans are "Unlimited", this is meant within a reasonable amount of usage (30 calls to all your numbers per month). If we feel that you are abusing our system by sending out a high volume of blasts we will first contact you to try and resolve the issue, if we're unable to reach you we will suspend your account until hearing from you.

For customers using the texting (SMS) service we provide a "keyword" purchasing feature. If you decide to purchase this option it is a monthly recurring charge which is automatically billed to your card every 30 days. You can cancel this service at any time via your control panel or by contacting our support department by email or phone at 800-928-2086. If for some reason we cannot bill your card we will place your keyword on hold for 30 days while trying to contact you about payment. If we don't receive payment within 30 days your keyword will be released and made available for other users to register.

All accounts can and will be terminated at our discretion if we find our service is being abused or used in a manner in which the staff of SendMyTexts finds offensive, inappropriate, or illegal. If this occurs we may block your phone number from using our system in the future. You may contact the management of SendMyTexts regarding any abuse issues and we will evaluate them on a case by case basis.

You agree you will not use the calling and/or texting (SMS) services for the sending of any unsolicited messages, commercial solicitations or advertisements for the sale of goods or services or spam. To use our calling services you agree to fully comply with the Federal Do Not Call guidelines which can be found at www.DoNotCall.gov, the Telemarketing Sales Rule and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. You are responsible for knowing and implementing the restrictions found in these rules. To use our texting (SMS) services you agree to follow the Mobile Marketing Associations Best Practices guidelines which can be found at www.MMAGlobal.com.

Our system works with approximately 85% of answering machine and voicemail systems currently on the market. Due to the fact that there are many different service providers with a variety of voicemail systems, it is not possible to maintain 100% compatibility with all systems. SendMyTexts will NOT refund credits for messages that were not successfully left on the recipient's voicemail or answering machine. All calls that were not connected will be refunded to your account within 48 hours of the initial calls for premium service users ONLY.

You are responsible for all the content being sent to your contacts, via both our voice and text messaging features, and will be fully responsible if any legal issues or disputes arise from your use of SendMyTexts. We do not take abuse of our system lightly and will cooperate fully with state and federal law enforcement and will provide them any information that's requested. This information includes, but is not limited to, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, IP logs, and any other information that the authorities may request.

Regarding our text messaging services, refunds will only be given for phone numbers that are determined as non-mobile (cell phone) numbers. Once calls are sent, there are no refunds available for text messages that fail, do not connect, or are otherwise not successful. Due to the nature of text messaging and SMS services, we are not responsible for texts that end up never reaching their target destination.

By sending and receiving text messages, emails, and other communications using SendMyTexts Services, you agree that SendMyTexts.com, On Time Telecom LLC, its employees, affiliates, and associates are not responsible for the cost of making the communications as may be charged by your cellular telephone carrier, internet service provider, and the like. You also agree that any recipient requesting to opt-out of any communications you are sending using SendMyTexts services will be removed from any of your future communications.

All services are provided on an "As-Is" basis; SendMyTexts.com cannot guarantee that our services will be free of errors or problems. SendMyTexts.com, On Time Telecom LLC, its employees, affiliates, and associates are not liable for any costs or damages arising directly or indirectly from our customers. SendMyTexts.com will have no liability whatsoever with this agreement and our services.